Client Profile

Client Profile

We have never taken for granted the fact that our clients trust us with far more than their financial assets. No single description summarizes the profile of a clients at Seneca Asset Management. They are employers, employees and retirees. Some are professors and physicians, others are engineers and entrepreneurs. Many of our clients are from United States of America and other countries. Our clients represent numerous investment personalities, such as family stewards, delegators, accumulators, innovators and novices.

Intergrated Wealth Management

They seek an integrated wealth management strategy that aligns their life goals with their financial goals. They value working with a fiduciary team who delivers with experience, expertise and care. They are people who wish to use their wealth as a tool to accomplish what is most important to them.

From a practical standpoint, our experience has demonstrated that with the fully integrated platform and comprehensive service model we provide at Seneca Asset Management, we are best able to assist clients who have a minimum of $1 million in investable assets. Clients with less than this asset level may be interested in the Seneca Asset Management Portfolios platform. We look forward to hearing from you no matter which service platform may work best for you. What we most enjoy doing is discovering how we might help you attain your goals and add value to your situation.

Integrated Wealth Management: Seneca Asset Management offers a breadth of services that provide its clients with a comprehensive plan, a clear understanding of risk and return, a lower level of tax exposure, and an integrated investment strategy. Clients’ financial affairs are better organized, investment expenses usually decline, and a clear and concise plan is created to guide their investment through multiple generations.

Seneca Asset Management Portfolios: A solution for clients who do not have the complexity in their situations that require the array of solutions provided by our integrated wealth management platform.

Our Global Investment Research division provides original, fundamental insights and analysis for clients in the equity, fixed income, currency and commodities markets. Covering areas such as economics, portfolio strategy, derivatives and equity and credit securities in more than 25 stock markets and 50 economies and regions around the world.

Make Referrals

We understand the high level of comfort and confidence required by our clients in order to refer a friend, colleague or family member to our firm and we appreciate your willingness to do so.

As Seneca Asset Management has grown and evolved over the last 13 years, we’ve refined our expertise and narrowed our focus for new clients to certain types of relationships. Please visit our Client Profile page to learn more.

Although you may have a general sense of someone’s financial position, we understand that it isn’t always possible to know the approximate net worth of those you choose to refer. If you refer someone to us, but are uncertain if they fall within our profile range, that is fine.

Our Discovery Process is designed to ensure that we will arrive at a mutually beneficial course of action with anyone you choose to refer. You can be rest assured that we treat every referral with the kind of care.