European Growth Capital

Seneca Asset Management European Growth Capital provides specialty debt financing to European growth businesses, predominantly in the technology, life sciences and environmental sectors. Typical loan sizes range from €1-20 million with the flexibility to do larger transactions opportunistically. We look for investment opportunities in high growth business with proven management teams in need of capital to fuel organic growth, acquisitions, equipment purchases, bridge loans and various forms of recapitalization.

Seneca Asset Management European Growth Capital provides financing to later-stage European growth companies with strong management and proven revenue traction in substantial markets. Profitability is not a requirement. Typical investment structure: Loan sizes between €1 – 20 million Secured loans 3-5 years, usually amortizing 12-14% coupon Equity participation.

Seneca Asset Management European Growth Active Companies
Accuris Networks is a leading provider of Wi-Fi Offload and Wi-Fi Roaming solutions for data offload and also for voice and messaging.
B2X is a technology providing customer care services for smartphones and IoT devices to manufacturers, insurance providers, carriers and retailers.
DeepCrawl is a software company which crawls web pages to systematically index content for marketing optimization.

TEP Events International is a UK based provider of software driven interactive event/conference delivery technology. The company has a global reach across UK, Europe and US, and has successfully work with over 200 global brands.
eXo is an open-source social platform, available as an out-of-the-box solution, helping small and larger organisations manage enterprise collaboration needs.
Hype is a provider of social enterprise software enabling idea and innovation management with more than 161 installations worldwide.
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