Strategy Details

Focus on Select Growth Industries Seneca Asset Management’s investment efforts are focused on three primary sectors: technology, financial services, and business services. These industries are characterized by above-GDP growth trends and a large number of leading companies, creating a robust opportunity set in which attractive investment returns can be achieved without the use of excessive financial leverage. Seneca Asset Management’s investment team has deep industry experience and a strong track record in these verticals.

Proactive and Proprietary Sourcing

Seneca Asset Management focuses primarily on minority investments and other opportunities where governance or structure often fall outside the mandates of traditional private equity and venture capital funds. Seneca Asset Management’s extensive global relationship network is a valuable sourcing engine, and the majority of our investments are proprietary in nature, with Seneca Asset Management as the lead or only investor and a member of the Board of Directors.

Asymmetric Risk-Return

Seneca Asset Management pursues a rigorous underwriting approach that prioritizes capital preservation and risk-mitigation, while maintaining attractive upside optionality. Sources of downside protection might include recurring cash flow, tangible asset values, structural protections, hedging, or other means. By investing in equity and equity like securities, Seneca Asset Management maintains exposure to upside performance.

Active Approach to Ownership

Seneca Asset Management targets a portfolio of 15-20 total investments, enabling the firm to concentrate efforts on opportunities where Seneca Asset Management’s capital, expertise and active involvement can have a meaningful impact on value creation. Seneca Asset Management looks to partner with founders and management teams who have a demonstrated track record of success, a clear strategy for value creation, and incentives that are aligned with those of other shareholders.

Seneca Asset Management Differentiators

Seneca Asset Management combines active ownership, industry experience and a partnership approach to drive long-term value for our portfolio companies and investors.

Seasoned Team with Deep Sector Expertise

The Founders of Seneca Asset Management have been successfully investing together for over 30 years and have completed more than 60 investments, spanning multiple business and market cycles. Our investment team has significant expertise and extensive relationship networks in our focus industries, providing a valuable engine for sourcing, due diligence, and post-investment value-add.

Value-Added Shareholder

Seneca Asset Management’s team has extensive Board experience, having served on over 50 corporate boards across 15 industries. Due to Seneca Asset Management’s concentrated portfolio of 15-20 high conviction investments, the firm is able to dedicate more time and resources to each individual portfolio company. We often are a preferred partner to owners and management teams due to the high level of senior attention we provide, in addition to our active board involvement, valuable relationship network, partnership approach and flexible structuring capabilities.

Significant Seneca Asset Management Commitment

The Seneca Asset Management team is collectively the firm’s single largest investor. This significant commitment further aligns our interests with those of our investors and portfolio companies. Our Limited Partners share our long-term investment horizon, with the ultimate goal of creating sustained long-term value for our portfolio companies and investors.